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An Introduction to Rhe-set 

Rhe-set is working with the Kaiut Method and direct pointing as a tool to support transformations on all levels of our consciousness. The practice will be felt much deeper than normal sports or therapie. It will adres the restrictions not only in the physical body but in the whole system so you can unravel deep hidden patterns we developed during our lives.

In truth,
yoga was never meant to be
a physical practice. 

Rhe-set practices  are designed to activate your self healing ability, improve your quality of life and deepen the knowledge of self (the question; who am I). It adapts the ancient practice of yoga into an innovative way that reliefs the challenges of modern life and points you in a true and simple way to a deeper of who you are. Rhe-set has the complete package to reset and reconnect. In every class contemporary teachings of the direct way to a deep and still place inside are used in combination with direct integration on the physical level through Kaiut yoga. The contemporary teachings are translated in a beautiful simple way everyone can understand and use them daily.   


A little more about the Kaiut yoga method:

The human being spends a great part of the day sitting and the circulatory and biomechanical impact of this modern habitat  is extremely harmful to the body (especially in the 3 girdles of the body). Therefore many of the classes are focused on unlocking the hips. The method works with natural movements, increasing mobility and returning the body to its ideal structure and functionality. Suitable for dealing with all types of bodies, the Kaiut method is able to integrate practitioners with different class times very effectively, delivering solid results for all of their students. Intelligent use of the floor, walls, and force of gravity allows our students to experience deep, transformative body work in a 100% safe environment. This enables us to explore the individual situation of each student, delivering impactful and prompt results for all of our students.

The Kaiut method is a biomechanical yoga practice to serve the modern body and the modern mind. This format is intended to increase freedom of movement and is on a physical level working with the joints to keep the body pain free. The practice is deeply influenced by the developers history as chiropractor and education in craniosacral, polarity therapies, deep tissue massage, and hatha yoga. When practice regularly you will notice no losses and the results will pile up. 

We need to move the body
in the most intelligent way,
not the toughest or most intense way
- Francisco Kaiut -


It becomes more and more clear to people that most of the original intention of yoga has been lost and is replaced with a popular way to "get in shape". Today's image of yoga is of extreme flexibility, gymnastic movements, sweating in a hot room, and of course detoxing and super foods. It's easy to understand why many people today conclude that yoga is simply not for them.


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Dear one, you are very welcome @Rhe-set Yog@home shala, located in the middle of the real dutch fields in Wilnis, in between Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. 

All yoga classes @the Rhe-set home shala are given in small groups and live streamed. Apart from the shala classes there are different pop-up, private, streamed and business classes but also coaching sessions, workshops and retreats. 

Rhe-set yoga is for everyone, every body type and everywhere. It is not just a life style but a pointer to our true self/natural state.

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