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I just want to let you know that the Ardennen retreat is ONLINE! We have an unique and amazing program take a look and book your mat.

Love Rhea

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SPECIAL Rhe-set OUTDOOR retreat
SPECIAL Rhe-set OUTDOOR retreat
This co-created retreat invites and supports you on your journey back to your natural setting. We will work with the elements of nature on a deep level of understanding so you can safely open up and undo what isn't yours.
Jun 27, 2024, 3:00 PM – Jun 30, 2024, 3:00 PM
Wembay 9, 6972 Tenneville, Belgium

Recorded sessions


Before downloading a recorded session first join a live session, retreat or workshop to understand more of the practice so you stay save. If you are familiair with the practice the recordings can help you to keep consistency and deepening your personal practice. All sessions are categorized so you can easily find what you feel is needed.

Rhe-set toes and foot work

English spoken sessions.

You can see the focus in the text of the recording

Rhe-set Yoga pose hip work

Rhe-set sessions are created & adapted in the moment. 

You can utilize them as much as you like.

Rhe-set yoga pose low back organ work

Work with these sessions as much as you like.

Please stay gentle when you deal with back pain.

Rhe-set yoga pose neck work

Use these sessions maximum ones a day with a delicate and soft approach.

Rhe-set yoga pose ankle, knee and hip work

Use these sessions to release the tension of your day as often and long as you like. 


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It is so nice to notice how much self-evidence is returning to my body. Sometimes I don't even feel my body through the day. Every day I learn to listen to and feel with my body and approach pain differently. Sometimes I can suddenly do something that wasn't possible for a long time due to a disability. This gives bliss, space and confidence. And the sessions from Rhea really help me through the lockdown!


I am so happy to follow the

Rhe-set sessions which have radically changed 2 of my physical complaints. 

In the past I have been told that I had chronic fatigue syndrome. Last winter I came to the conclusion that, partly because of the sessions, I hardly bother with this anymore. A year ago I had the need to sleep 24 hours at least once a month. I've realized that I don't have this need anymore, apparently my body has adapted to handle this. 

I have also suffered from vertigo in the past. Today's session had a lot of movements with the head and neck. It reminded me of my vertigo and I came to the conclusion that I haven't had any in the last year. 

Lots of love Marianne I am so happy to have you as a person and teacher.


Last Monday did me a lot of good.

There are various circumstances that have caused me to sleep poorly for months and I felt an enormous rush in my body (long covid, death of my mother, menopause). My body was constantly in flight mode, even when I was sitting quietly on a chair. That was just palpable. My central nervous system was in complete disarray. But since Monday I have been sleeping like a log, straight through, my breathing has calmed down again and I am less bothered by my osteoarthritis.