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🧡Rheset reminder🧚‍♀️

Giving is not meant to drain you but to feed & give back to you💞

I express this to bring a little more awareness on why I am sometimes able to give sessions in stormy weather and why not. I hope this inspires you to make what you give to others the most important gift to yourself and to become aware that we often receive reflections that aren’t ours.

My own practice is not only happening on the mat or during meditation or my day. A big part of my practice is giving the sessions. The space I open is also functioning as a safe place for myself and is often my deepest ‘meditation/healing’ of the day.

In stormy weather or in times of big changes it can feel as to much for me to connect and give sessions. Through the proces that I am facing at the moment I can clearly feel that I would love to continue giving the sessions. I now feel that it isn’t this safe space that I want to retreat from but I want to retreat from the belief that I need to explain my situation.

My life is often seen and imagined as intense (which I can understand😅🙃😊) My experiences can trigger deep fundamental fears in others which are than reflected to me but often not mine. The feedback/reflection from close ones are often beautiful, resonating, healing and helpful but other reflections are in general completely different than mine and what I need.

In this moment I go through deep grieving but my experience of this is not at all how many might expect it to be for me. I experience this ‘loss/grieving’ as a precious and healing proces which is only understandable for the ones who are close to me and know the ‘story’ that is letting go.

I also see what messages, questions and reflections of others do to me. I feel how my belief that I need to explain myself to make others understand or to make them feel less awkward is constantly being triggered. This trigger is again for me not something negative or heavy but an opportunity for an internal change.

My perspective on how we can help, support and heal together (in which I am not flawless and still learning myself) is to do our own job not by projection or searching for a sensational story but by holding space and seeing it as an opportunity to reflect ourselves💞

What I feel we can ‘do’ for ourselves and someone that is going through stormy weather is;

  • First check in why you are wanting to ‘help/ be there’,....

  • Feel what the story does with you, see yourself, be still with this.

  • Do not directly try to feel what it might mean for another but use it to work with what comes up in you, it might be completely different to what the person lives.

  • After checking in with yourself, feel if you can open a space for someone else and

  • ask if they need this. Asking what someone needs is the best way to discover,....

  • if needed you can just listen to what someone wants to share,... no need to do anything

I am experiencing this holding from my close friends at the moment which is an unbelievable gift. It learns me a lot and makes me feel immensely grateful🤍

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