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Rhe-set yoga pose neck work

Be still & listen

"Your body is your tuning fork"

Are you new? Welcome to this page, which is created so you have easy acces to all online sessions, live events and recorded sessions.

New to Rhe-set


Have fun exploring your body instead of numbing it down or running away from it”

Therapeutical Rhe-set sessies


Feel free in your body, de-stress yourself, calm your nervous system & mind


Rhe-set yoga is a therapeutic yoga method. The mainly lying and sitting focused sessions use yoga props, the floor, wall and gravity to support so tensions and restrictions in the body can unravel. The safe support of the props and the structure of the sessions calms the storyteller of the head (mind) and regulates the nervous system. The aim of the sessions is to keep you healthy, mobile and pain-free for as long as possible.


The method has been developed to invite the body to strengthen in a friendly and efficient way. The method works as a reprogramming of all forms of trauma (physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual). Traumas often have a deep impact on the nervous system, causing it to become disrupted or even in tilt. Through the constant practice of the sessions, your body can process the daily built-up tension so that the underlying or deeper traumas can be touched. You also boost your immune system and in this way maintain or restore your natural freedom of movement, so that the body can continue to function in optimal shape. ​


The sessions are suitable for everyone and especially for people with chronic pain and injuries, long-term illness, insomnia, stress, burn-out, stiffness, and also for the hyper flexible.

“Slow down, stop or reverse your aging proces.”

Activate your self-healing ability


The simple but strong Rhe-set poses create a safe place for your body. You learn to listen and feel again to what your body is telling you. This safe space automatically sends an invitation to your entire system to relax. The sessions therefore work not only on the physical but also on the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual layers. By spending time with yourself and passively asking for more potential through your body's natural mechanism by active demand, you create the perfect circumstance to reset everything that is not yours. ​


The sessions will support you in all areas of your life and function through, out the following natural mechanisms of your body like; ​


  1. The nervous system; Due to the current often unhealthy high pressure in our daily lives and past trauma, our nervous system often becomes chronically overloaded. It remains in one of the survival modes (flight, fight, freeze or adapt) for too long. This is a fantastic mechanism that allows us to function in danger. For example, it ensures that if you have to flee, all the blood from the organs goes to the arms and legs so you can run. If the body is not given time to reset, this will have a high impact on your quality of life in the long run. During the sessions you create a relaxing and recharging moment that allows you to process your day and change the built-up tensions from the past. Healing is in the magic of the parasympathetic nervous system. It activates and opens the way for our natural self-healing ability to do it's job.

  2. Joints and bones: During the sessions you reclaim the connection by communicate through your joints. You ask the joints to function under positive pressure. Joints hold and function well under pressure and need it to continue to function optimally. During the sessions you direct the joints and demand them to function under 'friendly' pressure and angles so that stored tension, chemicals and trauma can be cleared.

  3. Muscles: over the years people have become convinced that we can lengthen muscles by stretching. Current research shows that stretching muscles does not make them longer but helps them to release cramps, swelling, etc. By working with the blood circulation you create a change in the supply and drainage to and from the muscles and their attachments. This way the connections with the joints will automatically function more smoothly and return to their natural flexibility. Cramps, stiffening, freezing, but also hypermobilety can change, causing muscle tension across the entire structure to come back into balance. So it is not about lengthening the muscles, but about the right balance in tension & relaxation. It also reconditions the nervous system in a way that does not immediately emit a pain signal when demand is higher. thus it makes the nervous system more flexible.

  4. Fascia or connective tissue: This fascinating tissue serves as a protective covering for the nervous system and communicates directly with the brain the intelligence of your system (not to be confused with with the mind). Due to stiffening of the body, the fascia becomes dehydrated, stiff, sluggish and weakened. The poses during the sessions stimulate and demand the natural mobility of the tissue, just like the muscles.

Over time you will experience how your physical body is an important gateway to so much more of yourself. You get to know yourself better and better on your mat. ​


I can continue to explain and point out the benefits and completeness of the sessions but perhaps it is better to come and experience it yourself, if you are not convinced yet you can always look at the testimonials. See you soon.

Let relaxation happen through listening and feeling
“Let the poses work for you so the practice can work it's magic

How to follow a Rhe-set session


You can follow a Rhe-set sessions online through zoom or during live workshops and retreats. The sessions are given and supervised by me, sometimes with the support of an assistant during events.


Give yourself the opportunity to log in and join a session as often as you want and be directly guided by my voice, observation and questions. I can adapt almost all poses to your needs and will provide different options if necessary. You will experience how all body types are welcome.


The sessions are always given in groups, there are no levels so all sessions are open to everyone. The groups offer a safe space and support through recognition and connection. You are always welcome to ask or share something privately before or after the session. ​



Always listen carefully to your own system. I can not feel for you and I am NOT your teacher, guru or healer, you are all of these yourself. I offer a safe, constant opportunity to be with yourself so you can naturally restore, heal and live your best life!

Therapeutical Rhe-set sessons
Activate healing ability
How to follow a Rheset session
“Being together makes the work easier and more powerful
Rhe-set yoga pose legs up the wall



"The more we get inline with our true nature and embody it, the more it is experienced as a direct mirror in the world.

Together we establish, peace and harmony for all beings, in line with the principles of nature."

How nice that you want to know more about me. My name is Rhea, from a very young age, I wanted to change the world into a better place for everything and everyone.


I've always prefered to be outside and am fascinated by nature but also by humanity. Finding answers to the questions; who are we, what moves people, and why does this world feels so un natural to me have given my life a deepening and mission.


These fascinations in combination with my challenging life has led me to dive into all different sorts of trauma support, body work and self-healing through awareness. So I am not a guru or teacher, just a fellow traveler on the path. I can say that I first test things that come to me very thoroughly in my own experience.. Perhaps experience-expert is the best name you could give me ;-). ​


It feels like a gift and privilege to share my experience and thus connect with everyone. It has always been my dream to work on a donation basis and thus offer a space for everyday happiness. By working on a free donation basis, we step together into the new world that is already there if you want to see it.


​ Love Rhea ​ ​

Who am I
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