Happiness as a business model

"Opening a space to give my work freely feels as being and living from unity"

Appreciation by donation

Why I work on donation

Offering the Rhe-set sessions on freely and on minimum is the way of working that is closest to myself. Nature also gives for free and I believe that nothing should depend on your income. I ask you to appreciate what you receive and to give in balance with your own possibilities.

How to decide what give?

Working with the freely given principle is a beautiful process by itself and new to most of us. You get full control over what you want to spend on your practice.


What you give is what you receive

  • Part of your donation goes to others. It goes to people participating in the sessions as well as to the organization of events and workshops and to projects that make our world a better place.

  • Your donations and subscription is an act of love and shows what you wish to see happening for yourself and for others.

  • Your donation is not intended as payment for what is given in a material sense, but for what you wish to receive.

  • If money is currently a problem, you can easily top up later with the quick gift button.

  • All donations are subject to tax and VAT.

Explore more!

1. Deepen your practice with recorded sessions​ ​

  • I always recommend  to follow the live-time sessions before you dive deeper with the recorded sessions. This gives you the basic understanding and knowledge so you can work safely.​

  • In the library you will already find a number of recordings that will be expanded in the near future. They can be downloaded for free and / or for a minimal donation.


2. Private session

  • Schedule a private Rhe-set session with specific focus and ask all your questions (note; I am not your therapist or coach)


3. Another way for you or your organization to join is to give Rhe-set yourself

  • There are 3 different options you can check out below

  • Depending on the Rhe-set you choose, you will receive an annual membership with unlimited access to all online sessions and many more specials!


Support the community 

Together we can bring so much beauty to this amazing planet.

Support to build a sustainable community in which we see and welcome everybody.

What you send out is what your receive, your gift is your own Rhe-set.


Friend Rhe-set  

What is in for you

Your gift will give you and a friend free unlimited online sessions for one year and free acces to all online events. 




Family Rhe-set 

What is in for you

Your gift will give you and a friend free unlimited online sessions for one year and free acces to all online events. 

You also have the opportunity to plan one online private assistant session a month.




Community Rhe-set 

What is in for you

Your gift will give you and others free online unlimited sessions for one year and free acces to all online events

You also have the opportunity to plan 2 online private assistant session a month 

And the amazing extra to this Rhe-set is that you have the opportunity to organize an exclusive online events for max. 20 people.



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Support my work

My work is entirely given on donation. This is my way of showing what I would love to see in the world.

 You’re in total control of what you give back and how. I only ask that you feel the value of what you and others receive, and give accordingly.