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Happiness as a business model

"Opening a space to give my work freely feels as being and living from unity"

Appreciation by donation

Why I work on donation

Offering the Rhe-set sessions on donation is the way of working that is closest to myself. Nature also gives for free and I believe that nothing should depend on your income. I ask you to appreciate what you receive and to give in balance with your own possibilities.

How to decide what to donate?

Working on donation is a beautiful process by itself and new to most of us. You get full control over what you want to give for your practice.


What you give is what you receive

  • Your donation goes to others that are participating in the sessions that may have less ability to donate. It is also used to organise events and workshops.

  • Your donation is an act of self love and shows what you wish to see happening for yourself.

  • Your donation isn't a payment for what is given by me, but for what you wish to receive for yourself.

  • If money is currently a problem, you can easily give later with the extra donation button.

  • All donations are subject to tax and VAT.

Explore more!

1. Deepen your practice with recorded sessions​ ​

  • I always recommend  to follow the live-time sessions before you dive deeper with the recorded sessions. This gives you the basic understanding and knowledge so you can work safely.​

  • In the library you will already find a number of recordings that will be expanded in the near future. They can be downloaded for free and / or for a minimal donation.


2. Private session

  • Schedule a private Rhe-set session with a specific focus and get to ask all your personal questions (note; I am not your therapist or coach)

Give a Rhe-set

Support my work

I offer my work on donation. This is my way of showing what I would love to see in the world.

 You’re in total control of what you give. I ask you to feel the value of what you receive, and give accordingly.

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