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Why I work on donation

I offer my work on donation with a reason and I would love to elaborate on this a little bit more because I feel it is often misunderstood.

For me working with freely given donations feels as the natural way of sharing and being in line with nature. The change I would love to experience in this world.

Sharing my work on donation base gives access to all. Not depending on your bank account.

How amazing would it be when we can feel for ourselves how much we receive from someone or something and give back in balance with our own possibilities.

For myself to work like this is my biggest gift and learning proces. I love it but I also experienced a lot of judgment, doubts and resistance because of my own fear and the current society. This is an ongoing mirror which I get in my almost daily experiences. I am constantly challenged in many ways and asked if I really want to live and work like this. My answer is simple and direct; YES, this is why I live my life. It is my dream from childhood to give freely to all.

So even do my experiences aren’t alway feeling good, I have never experienced it as negative or a reason to stop.

I also know that I am challenging a lot of you asking you to value the sessions for yourself. We aren’t used to valuing what someone or something gives us. We are programmed to pay what is asked and to accept that some things are not for us because we can’t afford it.

Giving a donation for the sessions is a practice on it’s own, sorry. It is asking you to take your practice of the mat and apply it directly in your life.

Practice now;) check in with what the sessions give you. Try to Feel it. Then ask yourself what you could give freely in exchange. (Freely means, in balance with your own possibilities)

You in a way do not pay me, you exchange energy and you give to yourself.

It might be difficult in the start but it will become easier with time. Giving freely has deep blockages in our society and it is reprogramming our deep enslavement towards money. Again it is like on your mat you grow in being calm in every pose, even when it is challenging and go’s in to deep restrictions or new layers.

In our current world we are capable of paying high amounts not knowing what someone or something gives us. We all know that a high price isn’t a certainty of a high result. Still we tend to behave like this. This is just a simple example, one of so many programs running through society.

Being Rebel

It took me some time but I now start to love saying NO to that which doesn’t feel good for me. Not out of fear, anger or the Rebel in me but from the heart.

So are you ready to challenge yourself of your mat? It is your free choice🤍



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