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Starting to feel the flow of where I want to be & go

Visiting friends and feeling home where I am is such an amazing gift. We often think we loose things while actually we are gaining so much more meaning in our lives.

In a way I have lost and found everything in the last years. This week I moved my personal stuff for the 10th time in not even 2 years and I have chosen to make it feel easy.

Owning almost nothing is making traveling and life in general so much lighter. It gives me the feeling and perfect reflection of the freedom we always already are.

I have never been able to give myself space and time until it all broke down again and again and again. It took time to grow but receiving the changes made me continue even if it felt hard.

Now I can taste the fruits of my path & Rheset practice. I am not running, freezing, fighting or adapting that easy anymore. Fear is falling away and I am able to be still with myself in moments of chaos and pain.

I am spending more time with amazing friends and finding new connections on the road. Living and parking where I feel I want to be is sometimes challenging but when you get the flow it is so amazing to know where you want to stay & go.

This week I was the neighbor of one of my besties that offert her help for the 7th time of 10 movings ❤️😇🤗

We spend time together & alone which is the gift of my own home, there where I am. It took me time to be able to communicate my needs and feelings to others and also to understand theirs. Now being able to act by expressing before we need to react is also an amazing gain. This way Everyone can continue his own flow Feeling save and at home. An amazing new and simple experience that suits me more than well.

So grateful that my life is changing from the extreme adapting, freezing, fighting and flying mode to relaxation, receiving and continues flow💞🌟

With love


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