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Your body is talking to you in every moment. Showing you which direction you should go. Always starting with shuttle signals and screaming when you do not seem to listen.

This is what is happening when we live from our heads instead of our hearts. The more you get in your head the restlessness your body gets.

So NOW is your time to reconnect with pain, restrictions and blockages instead of avoiding, numbing or running away from them. Feel how they can be a gateway inside instead of making you fight.

How does your body feel now? Does it recognize the above? Does it feel like you want to make this change? Feeling for yourself and deciding what is good for you?

Give yourself a break and a real present. Practice with a professional loving team during the Rhe-set retreats or online sessions. Sharing and connecting with yourself and others. Deepening your understanding of yourself from a calm and save space.

This is what your body wants and needs so much💞 Dare to take the leap and join

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