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za 21 aug



Rhe-set; Clearing the pathways through your body.

Take this opportunity to connect deeply with yourself. Clearing the pathways through your body which connect you from sky to earth and earth to sky. Deepen your understanding of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your personal field, if you wish.

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Rhe-set; Clearing the pathways through your body.
Rhe-set; Clearing the pathways through your body.

Time & Location

21 aug 2021, 10:30 – 19:00

Soest, Den Blieklaan 3, 3766 AP Soest, Netherlands

About the Event


Please READ & feel if this event is resonating for you at this time.


I would love to invite you for this amazing opportunity to be together with other practicioners and work deeply through your own body with your own self healing ability that is always already working from your own source connection.

You do not need to be a Rhe-set member or have any experience with the Rhe-set sessions, this day is OPEN TO EVERYONE!




During the different 2-3 hours Rhe-set sessions you will go deep into the understanding of the practice and your own physical, emotional, mental en spiritual layers. Remembering, activating and speeding up your own ability to heal. Opening and clearing every single channel in your body that connects you with the sky's to earth and earth to sky's. Finding and stabilising your own safe set point with and through the practice.


All I do is provide a safe sustainable practice and environment in which you upgrade and anchor more of yourself in this reality. You do the healing. Your own self healing ability purifies your patterns and issues; not me. I don’t “do” anything to you. I don’t work on you - or put anything in or take anything out. Understand that you no longer need to “work on yourself”. You re-write and re-program a new relationship with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your personal field. It’s no longer about what’s wrong with you or your issues!

There will be enough space to ask questions during the Q&A and sharing moments. If you subscribe please fill in the form which includes your specific focus and questions. It is you that need to decide where to place your conscious focus. I can only feel for the group until a certain degree, you yourself need to set your focus and decide what this is for you at this time.



An event like this is a precious gift to yourself. I give freely so my work is available to all. This day event is offered on a minimum donation of 40 euro and it’s your choice to top up by giving a quick gift before and/or after the event. I leave you to act in integrity. Your donation is an exchange for what you receive, relative to your situation. You will normally have a figure in mind.

Intense events like this are normally charged between 75 and 200 euro's or even more depending on your facilitators way of working.




Introduce a friend or family member: If you want to bring someone with you, you can reserve more tickets and make a donation for them. Please ask them to fill in the specific focus and questions themselves.


Concept program

10.15 - 10.30 Arrival with coffee, tea en yummies

11.00 Rhe-set session

13.00 lunch potluck

14.00 Q&A and deepening the understanding through listening

14.30 Rhe-set session

16.00 short break potluck

16.30 Rhe-set session

18.00 left over potluck

19.00 closing of the day

* NO meals are provided, every guest will contributes one or more VEGETARIAN dishes so we can share.


When the weather predictions are good we will practice in the forest garden with a maximum of 20 people.


If predictions aren't good there is a max of 10 places inside so only the first 10 reservations are sure to be in!


  • Rhe-set training

    Ga direct naar je ticket om direct naar om een vrije donatie te geven. Je donatie met je gratis ticket is je officiële reservering. Je kunt na afloop je donatie altijd aanpassen via de Quick gift knop op de site.

    € 40,00
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  • De paden vrijmaken ZONNESCHIJN

    Dit SUNSHINE-ticket geeft je een matje als het mooi weer is. Reserveer je mat door de minimale donatie te betalen. Waardeer je donatie voor of na het evenement op via de snel cadeau knop op de website! Ik begrijp dat op deze manier geven een proces op zich is, maar normaal gesproken heb je een pop-up figuur. Als het weer niet goed is, krijg je je donatie terug of kun je het gebruiken voor een ander evenement!

    € 40,00
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