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Adapting or Redirecting

I am experiencing a lesson of receiving and feeling the moment to redirect Instead of adapt.

So yess I am constantly Living my Rheset sessions on and of the mat🙃

I was in the Netherlands arranging my stuff and receiving so much love and help on the way that it made me realize that I am not that good in receiving. It is so easy to give but to receive.....

What I also saw is that I need to check in with myself all the time. Visiting friends is amazing and gives so much but I can easily push through and make a sort of marathon between the ones I love💞

Now that I am living as a nomad I feel that it is even more important to stay really close to what my system is telling me so I can redirect and realign when needed.

After some time in the Netherlands I felt restless and tired explaining my life. I didn’t really know how to redirect because I already made appointments for the whole week. So I got some help from the world that made it clear I couldn’t stay where I was parked. I stopped, canceled almost all my appointments and new I needed to sit and become still.

An amazing friend than offered his home in Amsterdam where I could just be. I felt such a relief and after 2 days I knew that I wanted to stick with my first plan and drive back to Belguim to be with my friends and spend my days in nature.

When I started driving my whole system lighted up and when I entered the Ardennen it felt like a tension release. So we are landed and playing outside, giving my online @rheset sessions, practicing myself and feeling the motivation to hop on my mountainbike or put my running shoes on to explore the forests.

Rebel is becoming friends with the Mokka the dog and Jip the house cat so we will stay in this area for a while.

Some other great news I got on the way is that the retreat 28-31 July is taking place and only 3 spots are left🌟 (info on

Today we will go and play at the lake with @supardennen

See you soon on your mat or on the road💞


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