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Frequently asked questions

  • What is it like to follow a Rhe-set session?
    It’s often called floor yoga as much of Rhe-set sessions are done lying on your back and sitting on the floor. This allows gravity to work for us. Nothing in Rhe-set sessions is extreme; it consists of subtle movements and prolonged positions to allow time to also work for us. Because it is a methodology that pays close attention to each individual body, it is practiced by people of all ages, abilities and degrees of mobility. Individualize guidance and adjustments are constant throughout a class for all body types, injuries, chronic conditions, blockages, joint replacements, etc. There is no ‘perfect pose’ expected nor possible.
  • What do I need?
    You need the link to the zoom session and the zoom app. For the session it self you need a big bolster, strap, two blocks and wall space. If you don't have the right material be creative with pillow, books and belt
  • What to wear?
    Comfortable clothing. Yoga clothes are great but so are t-shirts and sweatpants. Perhaps having a sweater or hoodie or the like, in case the room is cool when you begin or as you close the session.
  • Do I need yoga experience?
    No you don't need any experience. All Rhe-set sessions are designed for people of all experience levels, including none.
  • Can I join a Rhe-set session with chronic injury, aches & pains or stiffness?"
    Yes you can. Rhe-set sessions are designed to relieve chronic pain and minimize the blockages in our systems that cause them. Individual adjustments can be made throughout the sessions. It is not a yoga that stretches the body in extraordinary ways. Instead, it works from the joints to maintain or return the body as close to its optimal functionality/mobility as possible. And super flexible is not optimal.
  • I am not very flexible is Rhe-set good for me?
    Yes it is. All Rhe-set sessions work to counteract the common biomechanical impact of aging on our bodies. It will also strenghten the system and unravel deep layers of restrictiance which we all have even when not clearly felt in flexible bodies.
  • I am an experienced yogi and realy flexible is there still a challange for me?
    Yes there is even more for flexible people. There is a lot of strenght and micro movement to find back. Rhe-set has a completly different approach on the way to work with the system so I can highly recommend it to experienced yogi's.
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