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Giving it back to you 

“I am not your healer,
You are”



"The more we get inline with our true nature and embody it, the more it is experienced as a direct mirror in the world.

Together we establish, peace and harmony for all beings, in line with the principles of nature."

My name is Rhea. Born in the Netherlands in 1976. I grew up in a small village in the north where I spend most of my time outside, exploring nature. I moved to Amsterdam for studies, but I didn’t feel alive there. I changed my paths and became active as a guide/teacher in outdoor sports. During this time I lived and worked in Switzerland, Belgium and France while traveling in between seasons. 


It all may sound idyllic, but I experienced lots of trauma's and physical injuries. I wasn't paying attention to my body and system at all.  I was dissociated from my body and was struggling on all levels. I just didn't want to give up until my physical body did it for me and stopped radically.


It was already warning me for a long time with small injuries. With the years passing and me numbing or running away from the signals the injuries became more extreme until my body developed a neurological pain dis-ease. It was my nerves system that was in survival mode for such a long time that it kept on sending pain signals to my brain even when there was no injury. This enabled me to walk and function properly for at least 3 years but it also made me finally realize that I was walking the wrong path. I was pushing and pulling my way through life and wasn't happy at all. I had no clue how to stop or heal myself and the regular doctors gave up as well and told me this was a rare chronic dis-ease I needed to learn to live with 

This and other privat events  made me go even down deeper but I realiszed that it was only me now that could heal me from my stories/trauma in my life. Finding answers took time, a lot of failures, practice and so many different paths and I am still learning in every moment but I found peace with myself healed from many different trauma's and I remember why I am here and how I can support others.  

“This proces took time but it made me aware of my own healing ability.”

Since 2013 I give Rheset sessions on a daily bases. The sessions, like my experience are evolving in every moment. My path and trainings are part of the whole package which gives me a large pallet to choose from. 

It now feels as an amazing gift and privilege to share the knowledge that came and comes through me and share it with you in this way. It has always been my dream to offer daily happiness. Working on free donation makes me so much happier to give. It also makes us step into the new world together. I needed to work a lot on self worth before being able to dare to jump in and I consciously pull you with me to start to feel what things like the sessions are worth for you. What do the sessions give you, what do you feel it's worth giving according to your own circumstances. 

Love Rhea


Support my work

I offer my work on donation. This is my way of showing what I would love to see in the world.

 You’re in total control of what you give. I ask you to feel the value of what you receive, and give accordingly.

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