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Since 25 May 2018. Essential reading if you want to join me.

How to work with Rhe-set

1) Reading, checking and understanding

  • 1.1 It is your responsibility to read your emails, posts in the Rhe-set wix app and event descriptions; to check the Rhe-set website, your receipts, personal and donor account; and read the Small print carefully before joining or ordering anything.

  • 1.2 It is your responsibility to check your bank statements; and be aware of how a subscription works before joining or ordering anything.

2) Use of the Rhe-set website

  • 2.1 By joining me in any way, you confirm that you have read and agreed to everything on this Small Print page including but not limited to my Disclaimer & legal liability waiver; Cancellation policy; refund policy; and Privacy policy sections.

  • 2.2 My website is a live document and it is regularly changing. Your use of signifies that you accept all site content, effective from the date of first use. I may update anything on this page at any time without notice. Including this Small Print page which should be read regularly. Continued use of my website after an update or a policy that has been changed is your acceptance of that change or policy.

  • 2.3 I accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or disruption to your devices or the data stored on it while using this website.

3) EU AVG compliance

  • 3.1 This legislation is important for me and I take it very seriously. I will ensure that Rhe-set continues to be compliant with this legislation.

  • 3.2 You can subscribe for my newsletter and you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on ‘Unsubscribe’ in the footer of that email.

  • 3.3 Please note that the email you receive after an event to say that your session has been scheduled or payed is not a newsletter and so does not feature an Unsubscribe button.

4) Anti money laundering (AML) compliance

  • 4.1 If I suspect any donation to be linked with money laundering or terrorist financing activities, I am duty bound to report this. 


Payment service provider (PSP) issues.

1) PSP errors

  • 1.1 When you suspect an amount has been taken from your bank account in error, please first check your personal account. Then, if you are sure there is a problem, please contact me at

  • 1.2 PSP errors cannot be rectified after 30 calendar days. Any exception to this rule is entirely at my discretion.

2) If a donation for your monthly sessions subscription fails

  • 2.1 If your monthly Rhe-set subscription fails, you will receive an email. It is your responsibility to open, read and act on that email.

  • 2.2 If your monthly Rhe-set subscription fails because your card details are not up to date, it is your responsibility to update them in your personal account before the sessions you are donating for.


Refund policy.

1) All donations for events and minimum donations in the Library are final

  • 1.1 There are no refunds for a donation. I do not do exchanges, transfers, or credit arrangements.

  • 1.2 Any exception to this rule is entirely at my discretion.


Cancellation policy.

1) Monthly Rhe-set: live time sessions and subscription

  • 1.1 You alone are responsible for cancelling your monthly Rhe-set subscription. You can cancel at any time via your personal account. The moment that you cancel, your financial transactions will cease and you will still receive the sessions you previously donated for. Please note that cancelling your card is not cancelling your subscription and you will still be liable for ongoing charges.

  • 1.2 If you are questioning charges on your account, you should contact us first via - not your credit card company. Cancelling a transaction does not resolve the matter. You are still liable for your subscription.

  • 1.3 Unsubscribing from any type of email is not the same as cancelling your live-time Rhe-set sessions.

  • 1.4 In the event of untimely death, whoever is dealing with the deceased’s personal affairs should ensure they email to cancel the Rhe-set sessions as soon as possible. This is because closing a bank account does not stop any subscription mechanism. Any cancellation will come into effect only when Rhe-set makes the cancellation - not at the time of your notification email.

2) Orders from the Library

  • 3.1 When you order any item from the Library, including but not limited to a Rhe-set session, you agree that you cannot cancel that order.


Disclaimer & legal liability waiver.

In this disclaimer I indicate under which reservation I offer the information on my website to you.

Intellectual property

The use of the information on this website is free as long as you do not copy, distribute or otherwise use or misuse this information. You may only reuse the information on this website in accordance with the regulations of mandatory law. It is not permitted to reuse text, photo material or other materials on this website without the express written permission of Rhe-set. The intellectual property rests with Rhe-set.

No guarantee of correctness If applicable:

For the prices on my website, I strive for the most accurate possible representation of reality and the intended prices. Errors that arise and are recognizable as programming or typing errors never form a reason to claim or assume a contract or agreement with Rhe-set. Rhe-set strives for a website that is as current as possible. If, despite these efforts, the information or content on this website is incomplete and/or incorrect, I cannot accept any liability for this. The information and/or products on this website are offered without any form of guarantee and/or claim to correctness. I reserve the right to change, remove or repost these materials without prior notice. Rhe-set accepts no liability for any information to which we refer via hyperlinks. Amendments If this disclaimer changes, you will find the most recent version of the disclaimer of on this page.

1) Website use, donation & joining sessions or events disclaimer & liability waiver

  • 1.1 My work is freely given or on a minimum donation base

  • 1.2 If you choose to use the Rhe-set website; join me in any way; and/or make a donation, this is unconditionally and completely of your own free will; at your own risk; and entirely within the understanding that any outcome(s) are completely beyond both my and your control.

  • 1.3 You therefore forever release, waive and discharge myself (Rhea Stiekema), any volunteers, from any and all legal claims and liability, without limitation. This includes but is not limited to any and all types of upset, misunderstanding, injury or damage arising from any and all types of contact with; participation in; or use of information, events or products connected with the above six parties.

2) Medical & therapeutic disclaimer

  • 2.1 I open a space to work in and make no claim to change or heal you myself. This occurs entirely under the jurisdiction of your own source connection and healing ability.

  • 2.2 I am not a spiritual teacher, a medical doctor, an alternative practitioner, an energy worker, a therapist / counsellor or an intuitive / psychic of any type nor do I offer emotional support or personal advice.

  • 2.3 Your actions, choices and decisions (or lack of them) are entirely your own responsibility. Please consult a qualified professional in relation to any practical, medical, legal, financial, business, psychological or emotional issue you may have.

3) Recording physical events disclaimer & liability waiver

  • 3.1 Your presence at any of my physical events constitutes express and irrevocable consent to the recording of your voice and image - and is a waiver of any and all legal claims, without limitation.

4) Testimonial disclaimer

  • 4.1 Your submission of any oral or written communication and / or testimonials sent in to constitutes express and irrevocable consent to the anonymous use of your words on the Rhe-set website and social media.

  • 4.2 Any testimonials on the Rhe-set website and social media do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, indication or prediction of any given outcome.

5) Facebook group disclaimer & liability waiver

  • 5.1 There is only 1 official Facebook pages: Rhe-set main Facebook page - There are no other Rhe-set pages on Facebook by myself or which have anything to do with the Rhe-set organization or my work.

  • 5.2 Any unofficial Facebook page you join, visit or participate in is solely the responsibility of the owner of that page. Links that may be accessed via that Facebook page are for the convenience of page visitors or group members only. The content of, including materials and information contained on, any unofficial Facebook page is solely the responsibility of the owner of that page.

  • 5.3 Any transactions that you enter into with a third party listed on any unofficial Facebook page claiming to be linked with the Rhe-set organization, myself or my work are solely between you and that third party.


Copyright, fair use & sharing.

1) Copyright & fair use

  • 1.1 All content produced by Rhea Stiekema including but not limited to audio, video, media and oral / written pieces is subject to full copyright protection under EU law. No content may be used, copied, distributed, published, reproduced, transcribed, altered, sold, re-sold, or re-packaged in any way.

  • 1.2 All content produced by Rhea Stiekema is for personal use only. It may not be used professionally.

  • 1.3 All content produced by Rhea Stiekema is for personal use only by the individual who registered for the event and / or placed an order.

  • 1.4 All visual works on the Rhea Stiekema website (photographs, digital images, paintings, posters) are my own; from wix; are non-copyrighted; or are works in the public domain. They are employed for educational / non-profit purposes under the terms of Fair Use in Section 107 of the Copyright Act.

  • 1.5 Your own recording of any of my events as well as any use or replication of my recorded content is strictly prohibited.

2) Sharing my work with others

  • 2.1 If you wish to enable people to join my events, please use the prescribed registration link only, given by the Rhea Stiekema organization, so someone makes their own sign up. You may not share your own event registration link with someone else.

  • 2.2 If you wish to share event content, please use the prescribed Library link only, given by the Rhe-set organization. You may not share the content from an event, which is copyrighted, in any way, on any medium.

3) Social media

  • 3.1 You must use your own name, banner and logo for any social media page or group you create with other people in the Rhe-set sessions. You are not permitted to use images of Rhea or any Rhe-set artwork.


Privacy policy.

Privacy Policy Privacy policy for RHE-SET, owner of

1) Safeguards Privacy

  • Ensuring the privacy of visitors to is an important task for us. That is why I describe in my privacy policy what information I collect and how I use this information.

2) Consent By

  • Using the information and services on, you agree to our privacy policy and the conditions that we have included herein.

3) Questions

  • If you would like to receive more information, or if you have questions about the privacy policy of Rhe-set and specifically, you can contact us by e-mail. Our e-mail address is

4) Monitor visitor behavior

  • uses various techniques to keep track of who visits the website link, how this visitor behaves on the website and which pages are visited. This is a common way of working for websites because it provides information that contributes to the quality of the user experience. The information that I register, via cookies, includes IP addresses, the type of browser and the pages visited. I also monitor where visitors first visit the website and from which page they leave. I keep this information anonymously and is not linked to other personal information.

5) Use of cookies

  • places cookies with visitors. I do this to collect information about the pages that users visit on our website, to keep track of how often visitors come back and to see which pages are doing well on the website. I also keep track of what information the browser shares.

6) Disable cookies; 

  • You can choose to disable cookies. You do this by using the options of your browser. You can find more information about these options on the website of the provider of your browser. This privacy policy is generated by

7) How I share your personal data

  • If you write to me, I will be the only one having acces to this information

8) How long I retain your personal data

  • I keep your personal data for as long as it is needed for communication purposes and however long the law and any contractual obligations require me to.

  • I retain your email data until you unsubscribe from my newsletter.


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