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Discover the unique home-shala in Wilnis in the middle of the typical dutch country site. The warm atmosphere and it's stunning surroundings directly bring you in another dimension.


All classes are given by Rhea owner and passionate teacher/guide who breathes and lives yoga. Rhe-set uses the Kaiut yoga method which is a yoga designed for the joints and the unraveling of deep restrictions and blockages on all levels. Next to the method you will be guided towards a deeper understanding of yourself. This will help you to let go of thought patterns, stress, anxiety, depression and other personal matters without the need to talk about it. It will just happen by the practice and the guiding.

​Why Rhe-set


You can't compare it with anything!

Just try & feel it.

It's not that you understand it after one class. 

It just feels as the right thing to do to get/keep your system healthy, in a sustainable way. 

Why Rhe-set
home shala
  • You can attain all weekly classes whenever it suites you, no matter what level, body or age you have. 

  • The groups will be small (6-8 people) so personal attention is high and it feels as a safe place to be.

  • Rhe-set yoga applies a lot of yoga props which are all available on the side.

  • Free tea & chocolate after all classes to create a space to connect. 

  • All fixed classes will be live-streamed in the future so you can join from your own home, work or holiday adres. 

What we propose 

~at the Rhe-set home  shala~

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Dear one, you are very welcome @Rhe-set Yog@home shala, located in the middle of the real dutch fields in Wilnis, in between Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. 

All yoga classes @the Rhe-set home shala are given in small groups and live streamed. Apart from the shala classes there are different pop-up, private, streamed and business classes but also coaching sessions, workshops and retreats. 

Rhe-set yoga is for everyone, every body type and everywhere. It is not just a life style but a pointer to our true self/natural state.

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