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Make the best of this moment 


a special gift to your employees


Offer something special in this confusing and stressful time for your hard working employees. At this moment we all need some time for ourselves to unwind and reset from the chaos in the world. Kaiutyoga learns you how to use your body as the perfect tool to calm the system and find that what is blocking you from feeling more free.

Special offer trough live stream

Rhe-set yoga brings Kaiutyoga to your employees @homes in these times trough live-stream classes. The classes are featured trough zoom a really easy program that doesn't need high tech software ore devices. We choose to use live-stream so the teacher is capable of seeing all the participants so adjustments can be made when needed. In this way we keep the safety and personal attention which is soo important right now. 

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More and more organizations and companies offer yoga and meditation to there employees. By practicing yoga on a consisted base employees not only feel better, fitter and stronger, it also gives them more energy, reduces stress by calming the mind and it releases the physical discomfort of long standing and sitting. By offering the possibility of yoga and meditation employees feel more accepted, taken serious and most important they feel more happy and relaxed. This will reduce work absenteeism.


Rhe-set offers adapted Kaiutyoga classes for companies and organisations. During the first contact we will customize a program which adapts to the needs of the employees. During all Rhe-set yoga classes the focus will be placed on the growth of every individual which contains personal assistance, alignement in every pose and relaxation. Rhe-set Kaiut yoga is attainable for all abilities. If you can breath you can join a class. 


Some positive effects of yoga on the working floor:

- reducing pain and negative effects of sitting

- stronger and flexible body

- reducing stress and concentration issues

- reducing joint and mussel pain

- releases the physical discomfort of long sitting, standing and work behind the computer

Would you like to invest in the health of your employees? 

Invite Rhe-set to customize a yoga plan towards the needs of your employees in every department of your business or organization.

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Dear one, you are very welcome @Rhe-set Yog@home shala, located in the middle of the real dutch fields in Wilnis, in between Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. 

All yoga classes @the Rhe-set home shala are given in small groups and live streamed. Apart from the shala classes there are different pop-up, private, streamed and business classes but also coaching sessions, workshops and retreats. 

Rhe-set yoga is for everyone, every body type and everywhere. It is not just a life style but a pointer to our true self/natural state.

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