KNOW NOTHING a reset button to FREEDOM.

We see the world as we are.

Which means there are as many worlds as there are beings.

We all have different storylines

We all have different interpretations of the so called ‘same world’.

But what if we would stop time for a moment.

What if we would all stand still and stop knowing.

We would not place names on objects, juge or have opinions.

We would look around seeing live as it is, unfolding by it self.

What if we could just know nothing for a moment.

Completely empty of all conditions.

A Reset button to freedom.

Try it out Now

Just be with yourself for a moment.

Stop doing or wanting anything.

Just listen without labeling anything.

Don’t linger to the next thing to do.

Know nothing, like a young child.

Feel the ground.

Feel your body and the pool of gravity. Now let your body sink into the earth.

Let its heaviness relaxe and float away.

Do not want, need, do or change anything.

Do not know better for a moment. Observe how the breath comes and goes by itself.

Relaxe all bodily tensions and feel soreness, contractions and softness coming and going.

Let it all be there, do not relate to it by wanting it to leave, stay or move.

Let it all be, give it space by breathing into and around it and curiously observe.

Let all sensations, emotions, sounds and thoughts come and go as they are. Give them space to move trough by not clinging or wanting to solve or keep anything.

Be as a child in a new world, experiencing the present moment for the first time.

It’s like the feeling of falling a sleep. You let all come and go like floating around in an empty space where nothing can touch you. Observe all experiences unfolding in your consciousness.

When all sensations are moving trough, you may experience spontaneous movements of the body, happiness, sadness, joy or emptiness. Do not linger to this either, let it float trough as well. Let all experiences be what they are. Be the unbiased observer of life

Feel that not knowing gives space for life to unfold by it self💜🕉 You are always already free.

~Rhea Stiekema~

inspired by so man beautiful beings of light

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