What does it mean....

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect

It means that You’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections

What does it mean

Being relaxed doesn’t mean the body is without tension or action

It means that you are able to stay relaxed what ever tension or action is happening

Being in peace doesn’t mean you agree with everything without acting.

It means that you’ve decided to see and act from a place of peace no matter what arises

Seeing clear doesn’t mean that you have great eyes or see great things

It means you are able to see the world from a place that has no labels, agenda or judgement

Being empty doesn’t mean that you feel numb, passive or bored.

It means that you understand that nothing happens to you, it all happens in you.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you are against society and want to convince everyone!

It means you have understood that we are all spiritual beings, with consciousness as our essence, which will guide everyone back to this knowing in its own rhythm

Being rich doesn’t mean you have a lot of money or possessions

Being rich means you swim in the abundance of every moment knowing all is well.

Being free doesn’t mean you are lazy, not working or doing nothing.

It means you are free of the program of society. Free to act on whatever comes to you and feels good, you trust live and let it flow trough you.

Being love doesn’t mean you want to sleep or hug with everyone

It means that you’ve understood that we are all one and this one is love❤️

Written trough me

Rhea Stiekema

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