Custom company

Rhe-set sessions


Thanks for message

Care 4 your team or organization

Tell me what you would like to offer to your team. What is your main focus?

After feeling in to this we can see together which options go's best with your organization.


Company membership

Unlimited online live sessions

Your team can join the regular scheduled sessions as much as they want.


Custom made sessions

Only for your organization

An amazing opportunity to be together in a whole different setting and energy

Team care

Show your team you care about them by giving them time to spend with them selves.

This time will come back to you in so many different ways. 

Giving it back

Give your team the possibility to create a better healthy and happy life.

High performance can only be sustainable when we are balanced in ourselves. 

Gain mobility

Physical movement is highly important for our bodies due to our sitting society.

The practice will give it back to you so you experience more joy with all other things you like to do in life.

Stress release

We have forgotten how to unload our bodies from all the pressure it gets through the day. The practice will change your nervous system so your self healing ability starts working.  This calms the whole system so it releases all the tension build up inside.