You are my biggest gift

My biggest gratitude goes out to you! Without you I could not give and receive as I do now. There are no words for the gratefulness I feel during a session, workshop, personal assistance or anything. Love is the word that I would like to use but this is so often misunderstood in our world. I can only say and try to let you feel that I thank you from the heart and give everything I am to support everyone that is open to receive.


I also love to shine an extra light on the people behind the company's that made it possible for me to create this amazing platform and support the community. I also would like to show my appreciation to all of you that have helped me anonymously. Your support helps me and so many others to live a better life.

I love to work with others so we grow together. In our community, which is growing a lot these days, there are many gifted amazing beings. I would love to give an extra space on my website to promote their work which can help you next to the Rhe-set sessions. Take a look at the list bellow to see if someone is resonating. You can also find amazing poetry that I often read to you. If you like to share your gifts with us just send me an e-mail.



Partners, sponsors and ... you!


Hand Holding a Plant

NulTien Bv

Ruud Hopstaken

This amazing company and friend made it possible to create this new platform on donation for us all. He's also one of the Rhe-setters that make it possible for others to practice with us 


Tante Truus

Pannenkoeken restaurant

An amazing space that is available and completely gifted to all of us. I have met many of you during the amazing sessions and workshops and love the whole Truus family

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Madat Fairtreasures

Fairtrade retail shop

This amazing company helped the community in many ways. From providing goody bags to stock place for materials and giving so others can join us.